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Manual Chock Closure Pressure Vessel

The KW Designed Solutions - Manual Chock Closure Pressure Vessel provides the end user with a quicker closure that has been innovatively engineered as a safe and easier alternative to the bolted closure for medium-sized pressure vessels. This type of pressure vessel is used for F.A.T. or production testing of subsea electrical components, hoses, cables, feed through penetrators and subsea flexible riser buoyancy modules or (DBMs) in-line with API standards.

Permeation Cell

KW Designed Solutions designed and manufactured to test a polymer’s resistance to passing sour gas through it under high-pressure and high-temperature test conditions, to be housed in an environmental test chamber. Pressure: 1380 bar. Temperature: 250°C.

Special Purpose Pressure Vessels with Mate/De-mate Functionality

KW Designed Solutions has developed and engineered a range of special purpose pressure vessels which have automatic mate/de-mate mechanisms incorporated into their design to meet these strict testing requirements in line with API Standards.

Special Purpose Pressure Vessel with Manual Pressure Control System

This special purpose pressure vessel is a Ø218mm x 4m, 135 litre horizontal pressure vessel with a quick-acting breech lock closure at the operational end and a bolted closure at the non-operational end, capable of both hydrostatic and hyperbaric pressure testing at a controlled rate.  The system has a supporting framework, a lifting frame (with manual hoists), product support tooling, and enclosure panelling. 

KWik-Lok Closure Pressure Vessel

Rapid opening, closing and entry into the vessel with the simple rotation of the hand wheel mechanism. The example shown has a 350mm x 1m bore depth, 400 Bar MWP to simulate depths of 4000 MSW (13,000 ft). Designed for testing Subsea Connectors, Electrical Components, Penetrators, Buoyancy Products, Sensors, Valves, Hose/Cable Assemblies and complete Harness Assemblies in line with API and Norsok standards.

Actuated Chock Closure Pressure Vessel

The ease of handling, safe and quick acting features of the Closure provide our customers with the right choice of design suited for their in-house operating requirements. Typically used for the F.A.T. and Production Testing of Subsea Electrical Components, Hose & Cable Assemblies, Electrical Penetrators, Buoyancy Products, Sensors and Valves.

Hydraulic Actuated Chock Pressure Vessel

See the final steps of the assembly and installation of the KW Designed Solutions 1.8m x 7m 525 Bar Pressure Vessel, designed and manufactured for production testing of Distributed Buoyancy Modules. With an automated Hydraulic Chock Closure system that takes less than 1min to open and close, it makes for an extremely fast turnaround between tests.

Breech Lock Closure Pressure Vessel

Popular choice for customers who work within the Oil & Gas and Subsea industry sectors,  the Breech Lock Closure Pressure Vessel with Pressure Control System is ideal for qualification, FAT & production testing of Subsea Electrical Modules (SEM), CIMVs, ROV components, Well Intervention Tools and Subsea Assemblies in line with API 6A.

High Performance Seal Testing Vessel

Pressure Vessel Rig for testing High Performance Seals for any application in the Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Motorsport and Pharmaceutical industries, where rigorous testing is essential. Static and Dynamic Seal Testing. 1550 Bar. -70°C to +250°C. Rotary and linear action. Stainless Steel 316 Construction.

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